Let's Gooi



Let's GOOI - Let Go, Let Out, Let Off and Let In.

Life is hectic and stressful, every now and then, we need time to rest and take moments for ourselves to slow down. Restoration and renewing your body, mind, soul and outlook on life has never been more important.

Our retreat is uniquely crafted for you to be truly rested after this wonderful staycation. It focuses on principles of Letting Go, Letting Out, Letting Off and Letting In as you learn the skills to take a step back and look into yourself. You unwind without fear or guilt in this retreat and you will find yourself better equipped with a different outlook and attitude to handle the uncertainties in life.

The Retreat Program

The retreat program is specially curated to open a space of possibilities, greater clarity and inner peace for yourself. It has been designed to focus on helping you ease into a different rhythm, one that requires you to step away, pause and dig deeper to who you are. In the guided program, you will learn to discover different experiences for yourself and welcome the rich adventures that await you. There will be a suggested itinerary to assist you in the whole retreat.

Find out how to:

  • Rediscover yourself in a brand-new way
  • Experience growth and emotional wellness
  • Rest and heal from stress, tiredness and exhaustion